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Jiangxi Baotai Group ranked 24th in the top 100 Private enterprises 2020 in Jiangxi
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    Summary:Jiangxi Baotai Group ranked 24th in the top 100 Private enterprises 2020 in Jiangxi

    On November 8, 2020, the jiangxi Top 100 Private Enterprises 2020 Summit hosted by Jiangxi Federation of Industry and Commerce was held in Nanchang. Jiangxi Baotai Group ranked 24th among the Top 100 Private Enterprises 2020 in Jiangxi province and 12th among the Top 100 Manufacturing Private Enterprises in Jiangxi Province, and was also selected as an excellent case in Jiangxi Private Enterprises Social Responsibility Report (2020).

    In 1991, Peng Baotai, chairman of Baotai Group, borrowed 6,000 yuan at a high interest rate of three cents and began to collect junk. After 30 years of hard work, it has developed into a group company with an annual output value of 7.3 billion yuan. A poor boy with no resources, no background and no capital, has integrated the resources and talents from all over the country, and built himself into a regenerated metal kingdom which is quite famous in the country. "Baotai price" has become the industry price vane, more than 40,000 people visit the company's website and WeChat public number every day, Baotai Group has become the national industry highly concerned star enterprises. Baotai group's renewable resources in other localities and sales market in other localities, but the employment and tax stay in the local. With no local resources and no local market, the development is very difficult. The Chairman Peng Baotai started from scratch, out of thin air, laid a new field of circular economy.

  Baotai group should not only develop at high speed, but also develop at high quality. Now the newly acquired 109 mu of land, it will be used not only on the copper strip, phosphor copper ball, continuous casting and rolling copper rod, poly aluminum chloride and other new projects, but also an annual output of 200,000 tons of aluminum alloy ingots, aluminum bar projects. After all these projects are put into operation, the output value will increase by more than 10 billion yuan.

   Limited resources, unlimited regeneration. Baotai group to waste products into products, products into boutique, boutique into intelligent products, to achieve the development of the entire industrial chain.

   Green Water and green mountains are mountains of gold and silver. Baotai group wants both "Golden Mountain Silverhill" and "green water and green mountains" . At the same time of rapid development of the enterprise, the solid waste generated by the recycled metal can be made "resourceful, green and harmless" , the aluminum ash can be made into Aluminium chlorohydrate and refining agent, the residue can be made into bricks, and the waste can be turned into treasure, the residue should be "eat squeeze clean" , so that each link produces value, to achieve green development. Baotai Group's whole industry chain development and green development, will become China's circular economy industry a new benchmark!

  Today's honor of BAotai Group only represents the past, like the sun, every day is a new starting point, hard work, a little progress every day, will realize the new glory of Baotai Group!

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