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Baotai Group increases environmental investment to protect home environment
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    Summary:Baotai Group increases environmental investment to protect home environment

  Respond positively to the country's calling "develop a green economy and promote a beautiful China," Jiangxi Baotai Nonferrous Metals Group Co., Ltd. has spent hundreds of millions RMB in recent years to upgrade its production equipment and energy to a new level of environmental protection in its hometown.

  In early 2017, the company's "coal to gas" project construction completed. Natural gas is a clean source of energy that significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. For various external reasons,Yujiang circular economic park have no pipeline gas, the company has a self-built gas station, although the gas is more expensive than pipeline gas, but in order to meet the environmental requirements, environmental protection must go ahead. The company made a "coal-to-gas" plan five years in advance, and if the company waited for government departments to deliver pipeline gas, the company could not keep up with the development of environmental protection. The company eliminated 4 groups of backward coal-fired aluminum ingot smelting furnaces, built 3 groups of advanced large-scale regenerative energy-saving furnaces, introduced advanced dust remover and aluminum ash treatment equipment, and replaced more than ten aluminum rod heating furnaces and copper rod heating furnaces successively.

Fig. 1  self-built natural gas station

  The company is now building an automated 150t aluminium ingot production line. The waste aluminum is crushed to X-ray automatic sorting, then the conveyor belt is automatically fed, then the waste material is preheated, and finally it is put into the furnace for smelting. At the same time, the preheated flue gas is incinerated twice, and the heat is used twice, which saves energy and reduces the emission of pollutants. This recycled aluminum ingot production line is the most advanced in China and is also advanced in the world.

  The company has invested advanced equipment and used clean energy. Although it has invested hundreds of millions RMB, it has improved the production efficiency, improved the production environment of the workshop, and greatly reduced the emission of exhaust gas. 

Fig. 2   dust removal equipment for aluminum ingot workshop

  In April 2018, the Yingtan City Environmental Protection Bureau installed a set of waste water online monitoring equipment in the outlet of the Baotai Group, installed the waste gas online monitoring equipment on the chimney, monitored the industrial waste water and waste gas in real time 24 hours, and transmitted the monitoring data to the water and gas monitoring platform of the Yingtan City Environmental Protection Bureau in real time through the network terminal, under the supervision of the city environmental protection department. Once there is a time when a target is not up to standard, the environmental protection department will rush to the company to investigate, find out why, and order rectification.

Fig. 3   sewage treatment tank

Fig. 4   wastewater on-line monitoring equipment

  The company built its own sewage treatment station and laboratory, with 3 sewage treatment workers and 2 sewage laboratory personnel responsible for sewage treatment. The company is specially equipped with safety officer, who will carry on the regular inspection to the drain and the smoke outlet. Self-regulation within the company and supervision of environmental protection departments to ensure that waste water emissions meet environmental standards.

  In terms of clean energy, Baotai Group uses the roof of the plant to build a solar distributed power station with a total installed capacity of 1.72 MW and an annual power generation of more than 1.7 million degrees. Solar energy is a clean renewable energy with no waste slag, waste water, waste gas and no noise. It is the most environmentally friendly clean energy source. 

Fig. 5   solar distributed power station

  In terms of sewage treatment, the company built a 960 cubic meter pool to implement the secondary treatment of waste water, using oil separator, regulating tank, flocculation tank, sedimentation tank, aerobic tank, active filter tank and other treatment processes, the four types of water are purified into two types of water to realize the recycling of waste water.

  Baotai Group is a green factory at the provincial level, and all the employees of the company strive hard to achieve the goal of "both Jinshan Silver Mountain and Green Water Castle Peak" with practical actions.

  In some places, heavy metals in rice exceeded the standard, and some people began to mistake it for the baotai group, which turned out to be caused by excessive amounts of pesticides and fertilizers. Baotai group only smelts copper and aluminum, no smelting of other metals. Copper and aluminum are harmless to the human body. Home pressure cookers, rice cookers are made of aluminum, if aluminum is harmful to the human body, who can use aluminum to do these cooking utensils? Every household in Europe uses copper pipes as water pipes. If copper is harmful, do Europeans dare to use copper pipes as water pipes? Therefore, Baotai Group does not melt the heavy metals that are harmful to human body. Besides, the company's environmental protection equipment are advanced, emissions are up to standard, there are no heavy metals out. 

  In winter some people see the baotai group over the occasional "smoke ", mistaken for smoke. This white "smoke" looks like smoke, which is actually the water vapor of the water tower of the copper smelting furnace, which cannot be seen as soon as the sun comes out or the temperature is high. It's like the air that comes out of our noses on cold winter mornings, and it's like smoke. If it's smoke, no matter the sun comes out or how high the summer temperature is, we can see it, it's the difference between smoke and steam. 

Fig. 6   Copper Smelting Furnace Cooling Tower

Fig. 7   The white mist that comes out on a rainy day is water vapor

  In order to solve the problem of smoking and dusting, the company does not hesitate to spend heavy gold transformation equipment, the dust collector on the cost of more than 10 million, dust removal effect is very good, so that dust inserted wings cannot escape. Production in the workshop hot, the outside of the workshop cannot see smoke, this has been the normal Baotai Group! Baotai Group is the industry's benchmark, in environmental protection should also stand in the forefront of the industry!

  Baotai Group is practicing General Secretary Xi's call to actively win the battle against the blue sky, put environmental protection first, and always adhere to ecological priority and green development. Adhere to high starting point, high standards, adopt new technology, select first-class equipment, build green factory, intelligent factory, protect the blue sky and white clouds and green water and green mountains in the hometown.

  As a waste metal recycling agglomeration base, Baotai Group has the advantages of resources, the scale of development, the characteristics of industry, the strong radiation ability, the continuous extension and improvement of the industrial chain, the creation of industrial clusters, and the construction of a green circular economic base with influence in the country. 

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